Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finish to show off!

A couple of updates today.  Firstly, I received my 3 free skeins of Rosace today and they look and feel great.  For those who have not yet heard of the offer, there is a company called Rosace from Spain that are new to the floss market and are offering 3 free skeins of thread to try for a limited time (till the end of the month I believe).  Shipping was also free for the trial offer, so how could you say no to that?!?!  Their website is  They do have a conversion chart on their website for DMC and Anchor floss.  They claim that their product is softer and smoother than DMC.  I must say, it does feel wonderfully soft and I am looking forward to trying it.  It shipped fast also, I had it within 10 days of putting the order in (Spain to Canada).  I selected three purple shades and the colours blend nicely, although I am not sure that my picture captures that.  I really must dig out my camera next time as opposed to just snapping pics with my iPhone.  Now I just need to decide on a chart to try these threads with. :)  The shipping charges from Spain would be a little much for placing an order, but they are currently trying to secure a US distributor, so that would eliminate that problem.

Secondly, I finished my exchange is the finished stitched piece:

...and here is the finished biscournu:

I am happy with how it turned out and I hope that the person receiving it enjoys it. :)

In other news, we set up the new electric fireplace and mantle that we bought for the rec room downstairs today.  It looks great!  We had to move all of the furniture around, as I had a vision as to the way it should be and it turned out well.  Wow, does that thing throw off a lot of heat!  Thank goodness is has 4 levels of heat and also a non-heat setting.  The flame is surpisingly realistic and it has a downlight for when the flame is not on as well which looks cool.  I am looking forward to curling up beside it and stitching! Will have to take some pics and post them soon so you know what I am babbling about.

Hope you are all enjoying your week!


  1. Thanks for the link to the new floss company! I'm going to give them a try.
    Your biscornu is gorgeous!! I love the theme too.
    Enjoy your time stitching by that new fireplace!