Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Hello all,

Thanks so much for the nice comments!  I am looking forward to posting more and getting to know you all.  I have already been enjoying reading some of your blogs and getting some great tips.  Slowly but surely I will figure this whole blog thing out. :)  I'm not sure why all my pictures are ending up way down at the bottom...but hopefully I'll figure that one out soon.

I have a couple of pieces that I have finished recently...one is Faith, Hope and Love from Stofnest and the other is Stained Glass Pine from Ink Circles.  I'll try inserting the pics into the body of this post and see if it works!

More to come later...thanks for reading!



  1. Lovely finishes! I stitched the Ink Circles one for an exchange and will have to stitch it again for myself! Welcome to the blogging world...Judy sent me. :)

  2. Hello from cold sunny Portugal. Welcome to this thing called blogging. Love the wolf and made for my kitchen a christmas tree just like the one you did (thanks to Judy and JCS Ornaments 2010). Hope to see many more of your crosstiching!

  3. Hi Alisa,

    Isn't this fun??? You're getting the hang
    of this blogging thing really well.

    Your stitching finishes look wonderful as
    featured on your blog.


  4. Very nice finishes!

    Welcome to the stitching blogging community:)))

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging!! I'm a fellow Canadian, living up near Ottawa & Cornwall.
    It's a great group of ladies out there from whom you'll learn a lot!
    I love your recent finishes. Have you picked out a new start?

  6. Welcome to the land of blogging! I've in the blog scene for years and just love it. Did you know once you drop your picutres into the post you can click and drag them around and drop them where you want to.

    Beautiful finishes!

  7. Welcome to blogland. Your finishes are pretty.

  8. What lovely stitching! And a new blog to read - you've made my day. Welcome!