Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proof of spring and a secret pal exchange!

Just a quick post this evening as I have a couple of things to share and may not have the opportunity this weekend as it is packed with birthday activities.  Why is it that the kids birthdays seem to last for a week between family visits and birthday parties with friends? be kid again... ;)

Okay, so here is what I received in the EMS Forum, Secret Pal Spring Exchange: 

Celine from France sent me the most lovely pink and green ribbon, some spring coloured threads, a bag of gorgeous buttons, some fabric, a lovely chart and a beautiful card.  What a wonderful package to receive...thanks Celine!!!  I don't know about you guys, but there is something magical about receiving something in the mail that is not a bill to be paid...LOL!

I also snapped a couple of pics of some flowers that have finally poked their heads up in my garden...proof of spring, hooray! :)

Well, it will be a very busy weekend for me.  Out to dinner for DD's birthday tomorrow and then her birthday party with her friends tomorrow.  She wanted a birthday party at home with me doing crafts with them, an ice cream cake and then playing the wii Dance Party.  I have two crafts planned - making body glitter and decorating t-shirts...wish me luck!  My son is begging to NOT be at home during the party as last year the girls wouldn't leave him alone...the joys of being the older worries, DH is taking him out to a movie.  Then on Sunday, we have the family coming over in the afternoon.  I'll try and post some pics Sunday night.  Oh, and I am almost done LHN Acorn Hill! :)

Cheers to you all!


  1. ooo happy birthday DD and don't blame DS wanting to go out .. good luck with the parties and the fun planned :) and I love getting parcels in the post of goodies too :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Congratulations Mom and Dad. Have a wonderfully Happy Birthday Weekend, with Many Happy Returns to Keira.
    Be always in stitches
    As always

  3. Have fun with the birthday activities! I'm sure you'll do great with the crafts -- they sound like fun! Poor older brother indeed! lol! Love the exchange you received!

  4. Happy birthday to your DD!!! Flowers! Wow we've just got the irises and the tulips starting to peek out of the ground up here.

  5. Hope the weekend is great and that your crafts go well.

    DS could have done a bit of modeling of the T shirts!!! but don't blame him for picking the movies

  6. I love seeing those flowers! Ours are a little behind here. Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday celebration.