Monday, April 25, 2011

A wonderful Easter weekend and a finish!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Mine was great.  I had a stitching afternoon with my friend Judy on Friday while Rob took the kids to see the new Diary of Wimpy Kid movie.  Saturday we were invited over for an Easter dinner at our very good friends Darren & Denise's and had a fantastic time.  Denise is an entertainer extraordinaire.  I am always so impressed with the table set to perfection (the Easter themed place cards in pineapple shaped crystal holders were so lovely even my kids commented on them!) and her decorating skills would give even the designers on TV a run for their money.  I wish I had taken some pics, but I was too busy enjoying the evening. :)  On Sunday Keira wasn't feeling very well as she had been up late the night before and had been coughing through the night; so we had a day of relaxing, watching a movie at home and spending time together as a family.  It turned out to be a great day and she was feeling better by the afternoon.  Here is a pic of the kids from Sunday afternoon:

I finished the Bunny from The Trilogy that I was working on for Keira.  She wants it framed to hang in her room, so I'll have to get to that done for her soon.  Here he is:

I finally received the Creation Sampler from Shakespear's Peddler that I ordered.  I had so admired the one that Margaret from Days of a Sampler Lover had done that I decided I needed to tackle it myself.  The colours are even more stunning then they appear online.  I can't wait to get started on it, but am committed to finishing a couple of the other projects I am working on first.  My BFF Laurie is coming down again this Saturday and we are taking another crack at my new sewing machine.  She is the teacher and I am the eager student.  I pray that her patience will hold out! :)


  1. Have fun this weekend with your new sewing machine! The bunny is adorable!

  2. Belated Happy Easter wishes! How nice that you and Judy were able to spend some time stitching together. I haven't had a chance to get together with my friend lately. Life has just been to busy.
    Your dinner with friends sounds wonderful!

  3. Oh the bunny is so cute, I can't wait to see it framed. Happy to see that you had a nice Easter and how nice to just spend an afternoon with your family.
    Be always in stitches

  4. Your little bunny is so sweet, Alisa! Really one of my favorites... I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter, too. Ours was rainy, but visiting family made it very enjoyable.

    How nice to have a private sewing teacher--I'm sure you'll be a great student :)

  5. The bunny is so cute. I have the Creation Sampler tucked back as well.The LNS was out of the thread packs for it. I will need to order. Sewing is fun. You will love it.

  6. Glad your DD is feeling better -- hope she continues to improve. Glad you had a good Easter weekend overall. Love the bunny finish! Bet your DD can't wait for it to be framed and up on her wall. Glad you were inspired to get the Creation Sampler. It's really pretty and fun to stitch!

  7. Lovely WIP. I'm glad you had a good Easter. The kids look happy!

  8. Hi Alisa,

    Love the Bunny!!! I gotta stitch this guy for
    myself 'cause he's too cute for words!! Had a
    great stitching afternoon with you on Friday,
    thanks for inviting me.

    Off to update my own blog now!


  9. It looks like you had nice weather on was a bit rainy here:)

  10. Hello Alisa!
    I just found Your blog
    trough Seasons of my Mind -blog.

    I love all your stitchings,you are very talented.
    The Acorn Hill-pattern beacame a wonderfull piece!

    My name is Maija and I live in Finlan.
    I have been cross-stitcerr for 3 three years.
    My home home-country is Finland .
    Plese excuse me my funny english and the bad grammar ! :)

  11. Alisa your stitching is gorgeous! I love that bunny! I would hang that on my wall in a second! :)

  12. Alyssa, sounds like you had a lovely easter. LOL there will be no elegant entertaining at my house!

    Great finish!

    See you soon.

  13. Love your WIP! So cute!

    Glad you had a happy Easter.