Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon...

Well, it is bright & sunny here and that is always a good thing.  I have not had all that much stitching time these last few days, but did manage to complete a couple more of the hummingbird cards that I came up with earlier this week.  I just love hummingbirds, they are definitely my favourite bird.  I found the bird on the site and it was part of a larger freebie design.  Here is one of the finished cards:

I was out shopping with the kids yesterday and one of our stops was for dog food.  The kids talked me into getting our sweet Lady another toy.  She really likes it!  Here she is hanging out on her blanket, in her favourite chair with her new best friend Lion:

Lady wasn't too impressed that I was taking her picture, but I just love the big happy grin on the Lion..LOL!

The kids also talked me into a couple of new fish, so we headed off to the fish store as well.  The last goldfish we had died about 6 months ago (after a freakishly long life) and they reminded me that I had promised to get them each a new one after 6 months.  Why is it they always remember the things that you wish they wouldn't?!?!  Here is Sheldon (the black one) and Hannah (the gold one):

I also did some work on my LHN Acorn Hill.  I am really enjoying stitching this one!  Here is my progress:

I hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Awwww, that is so cute! I love Lady with her lion! The fish are really pretty too -- isn't it amazing how they hold you to your promises? lol! Love your Acorn Hill so much! It's beautiful! Lovely hummingbird too!

  2. Your stitching it's very beautiful

    have a good day

    marylin FRANCE